Data Security

Across all asset types (IT, IoT, OT, and IoMT), Forescout provides automated cybersecurity across the digital landscape, enabling our customers to achieve continuous alignment of their security frameworks with their digital reality. Cyber risk management is an ongoing process that relies on automation and data-driven insights. The Forescout Continuum Platform allows for full asset awareness of all connected devices, as well as continuous compliance, network segmentation, network access management, and a solid basis for zero trust. Customers of Forescout benefit from the data-powered insight that allows them to rapidly identify risks and eliminate cyber threats without impacting mission-critical resources. In addition, Forescout's solutions allow your business to share a comprehensive device, user, and network context for all assets, managed and unmanaged; automate cross- product processes and bridge gaps between tools with pre-built integrations and crowdsourced apps, and automate policy enforcement and system-wide responses.

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