About Us

The value of a Foresight

In the Digital Age, organizations should have the ability to make business decisions at the speed of light. This is predominantly driven by the fact that their customers are able to make informed decisions because information is readily available. Companies will have to constantly evolve and be in the position to anticipate market shifts that the business should be able to capitalize on. This can only be possible if flow of information across the whole organization is seamlessup to date, and always available.

Just recently a company called Lightstream8 was established. The organization is composed of IT professionals with combined experience of more than 40 years in the areas of both Technical, Consulting, Business Development and Sales. Lightstream8’s sole purpose is to be able to respond to customers demand for a faster, more efficient, and practical solution that would allow them to process and analyze information as they come and make the necessary decisions to adopt, and be more responsive to rapidly changing market dynamics.

In a short span of time, Lightstream8 is fast gaining recognition for addressing that need. As a solid partner of Datrium, a state-of-the-art storage platform Lightstream8 delivers unmatched performance that rivals the fastest storage solution in the market. As a partner of Blancco, an organization that delivers unrivaled solution in the area of security (Data Erasure), and Mobile Device Management Lightstream8 offers security and compliance to government regulations required by the business to continue its operations. Lightstream8 also supports the Information Lifecycle Management framework thereby protecting data assets crucial to business continuity.

Lighstream8’s Unique Value Proposition to its customer is to deliver and implement disruptive solution that will enable them to achieve operational efficiency, maximize existing IT investment, provide faster response time allowing the business to be agile enough and be responsive to the demands of its target market. This is backed up with excellent implementation and after sales support capability.